Monday, May 3, 2010

this is what i have so far,

Wal-Mart is a company that shows there overwhelming support for their

staff by paying them under minimum wage, but gives them expensive health

insurance that employees can not afford. Employees do not need food, clothes ,

or shelter what they can use is a company that cares enough to pay them more

not less so that these employess can live a comfortable life. But this is the real

world and Wal-mart is not big brother but big business, that cares more for there

bottom line than the ottom of there employees belly, who can not afford food for

there families. Wal marts can care less. According to the article "Up agaianst

wal-mart" by Karen Olsson, stated after three years with the company

McLaughlin earns only $16,800 a year. "I’m considered high - paid" says

McLaughlin. McLaughlin also quoted that "The way they pay you, you cannot

make it without a second job or someone to help you, unless you have been

working there for 20 years or you’re a manager.

Do you think companies should have any responsibility on society as a

whole? well i personally think they should. all companies should have intergrity.

Wal- mart as a whole has used underhanded tactics , for example hiring firms to

abolish employees from unionizing.martain levitt who worked with the avoidance

program union commented "anyone supporting a union is slapping the

supervisor in the face" .Another example of Walmarts unethical business

practices was in minneaplo where UFCW local 789 was able to form a union for

the meat cutting workers at wal-mart. walmarts reaction was to close the meat

cutting department all nation wide.

Walmarts tyranny began in the companies humble beginings in north

eastern Arkansas , where Wal- Mart founder Sam Walton paid many of his

clerks under the minimum wage of the 1970's era. Sam Walton was very

business savy on the sale front but as well with escaping government scrutiny by

finding loop holes in the 1970 Fair Labors Standard Act, which he found a

provision to pay workers less because of a small business clause.

As far as any actions that should be taken; or taken by whom, i believe the

federal government should step in to correct the many injustice that were

implemented by walmart. first, they have to regulate the hours, increase pay

decrease health insurance and other expenses, give more oppurtunity to women

to attain management positions. Hour regualtion should be the first task at hand

for the government to be in.....

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  1. Hi Tynisha - This is a good start. You want to be sure to introduce your texts within the first paragraph or two so that you can then start to use them to support your ideas.